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1. Why I have difficulty understanding when I am talking with women or little children?
You might be losing your ability to hear high frequent sounds. Digital hearing aids can pick up those sounds and amplify them quite well without changing the sounds you already hear.

2. I have hearing loss in both ears. Can I fit only one hearing aid for one ear first? If I feel it is OK, then fit the other one?
This is not a wise decision. If you wear only one hearing aid, you will get unbalanced sound stimulus. It is hard to locate sound source, always putting your “good ear” closer to the speaker. The hearing loss of the ear without wearing hearing aid will get worse faster. Use it, or lose it.

3. Hearing aids are big and clumsy.
Not anymore. You can have Completely- in-the-Canal (CIC) hearing aid. It is almost invisible. You can also try RIC (Receiver-in-the-Canal) style.

4. I already have hearing aids, but I seldom wear them because of whistling and noise.
Manufacturers have been working on this problem for years. Now most hearing aids have very strong feedback cancellation system and noise reduction ability.

5. People still give up using hearing aids even they are high quality ones.
It always takes time to get used to a new thing. Be patient and persistent. Follow our ways, you will get used to hearing aids very soon.

6. I am a Medi-Cal beneficiary, and I have hearing loss in both ears. Does Medi-Cal cover binaural digital hearing aids?
Yes. It is possible if your both ears’ hearing loss is getting worse to a certain level. And we can provide very good quality hearing aids and you can choose the hearing aid style, as well.

7. I can purchase a hearing aid from internet or an electronic store, why do I have to buy it from you?
Yes, it is true. But the money you spend on is only for hearing aids, not for service. You have to pay additional money for the hearing professionals so that they can provide follow up service such as hearing test, impression making, programming,  maintenance and ear cleaning and so on.

8. What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?
Cash, personal checks, credit cards.

9. Audiologists and hearing specialists What is the difference?
When it comes to hearing evaluations and hearing instrument fittings , the functions are the exactly the same.